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Mohamed Zameer known as Zumbo plays for Victory Sports Club at the moment.

First came to Male to play for BG Sports where Coach Shazly was incharge. Zumbo again featured in the Mahibadhoo side that got relegated in the year 2015. N Holhudhoo’s goal machine is no stranger to tournaments like Siyam-Mauroof Cup where he was the top scorer and was awarded one of the tournaments best players. He is also the top scorer and one of the best players in the Maaugoodhu Council Cup.

Zumbo is two time top scorer – best player (one of the top 5 players) in Mahibadhoo Youth Cup. This is a tournament that has seen players like Asadulla Abdulla, Ahmed Imaz and other top players.

Zumbo is currently Victory Sports Clubs number 9. BoalhaMV asked him a few questions

BoalhaMV:  How is life in the top flight? How is Victory?

Zumbo:  Life in Victory Sports Club is not going as I expected but I do believe things can get better Insha Allah.

BoalhaMV: What are the challenges you are facing at the moment?

Zumbo: I face the same challenge as most players from the atolls face. We are here long way from home trying to do what we love doing. Sometimes we have financial difficulties, and also sometimes some seasoned players do not treat us as equals. But I have full faith that I can win over my team-mates and most importantly I can win over Coach Suzains trust and the managements.

big players in those competitions didn’t stop me from being the top scorer, so why would I not dream of winning the top scorer in this league?

BoalhaMV: Do you mean they discriminate?

Zumbo: no no not like that. I think few players doesn’t trust me because they haven’t seen the real me yet.

BoalhaMV: What is the real you?

Zumbo: well I’m not here to boast you can ask the people who saw Siyam-Mauroof cup, or the people who saw Mahibadhoo Youth Cup.

BoalhaMV: isn’t that another level?

Zumbo: as I said top players like Asako (Asadulla Abdulla) and Aakko (Ahmed Imaz) also plays in these tournaments. And there are many other players from the National team even, so I believe I have a fair chance to reach the ‘other level’ that you say. If you look at the stats I didn’t just participate in these tournaments. I top scored in them.

BoalhaMV: so you believe you can reach that level in the Male’ League?

Zumbo: absolutely. If given the opportunity I will In Sha Allah reach my target. It is my job to convince Suzain coach that I deserve a chance. So far he mentioned me in his team talk that made me very happy. The former coach Shazly also encouraged me a lot. And some players like Riley (Rilwan Waheed), Imma (Mohamed Imran) encourage me. So yes I believe I can.

BoalhaMV: Do you plan to stay in Victory Sports Club after this season?

Zumbo: for me it is very important that I play games. Even if it is a substitute appearance. If I’m not playing it is difficult to stay motivated.  And for me to reach my goals it is very important that I play.


BoalhaMV: what goals is that?

Zumbo: I never play football just to make an appearance, I play to score and I play to be the top scorer. I think if you see my record and as I said before with big players in those competitions didn’t stop me from being the top scorer, so why would I not dream of winning the top scorer in this league?

BoalhaMV: you said earlier that even a substitute appearance is good for you right? How can you become top scorer by playing less minutes than the other players?

Zumbo: I think you misunderstood me. If I get the chance then I do not believe anyone can stop me! Suzain coach is one of the most successful coaches in the country’s history. I do not believe he will keep me as a substitute if I start scoring goals.

BoalhaMV: besides football what else interests you?

Zumbo: I play volleyball too. I am sportsman

BoalhaMV: would you like to add anything else?

Zumbo: Yes I would like to thank my wife, who has supported me always, and I would like to thank coach Shazly for always encouraging me and believing in me and finding opportunities for me. And also I would like to thank coach Nisthar for support and encouragement.

BoalhaMV: thank you Zumbo for speaking with us, In sha Allah, we hope you reach you goals. All the best to you and Victory Sports Club

Photo: Zumbo

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