Maldives lost its home tie against Oman last night in the AFC Asian Cup qualification match by a margin or 3-1, and now has a very slim chances of qualifying to the Asian Cup.

Currently Palestine is leading the group D with 12 points from 4 matches played. They won last night against Bhutan with a comfortable score of 10 – 0. With this win Oman has a 6 points lead over Maldives at 2nd place and Maldives is 3rd at the table with 3 points from 4 matches. Bhutan is yet to gain a point and is at the bottom of the table.

Maldives came into the match with the absence of key players due to injury namely, Ali Ashfaq (Dhagadey) and Asadulla Abdulla (Assako), whose absence was seen on the pitch. were seen. They were replaced by Rizuwan and Naaiz Hassan at the forward line. It was Assad Ali (Adubarey) who wore the captain band while defender Akram started from bench.

Maldives were playing well until Oman’s jersey number 7 Khalid Khalifa Al-Hajri scored the first goal in 15th minute of the game. 4 minutes later Ali Amdhan of Maldives scored an own goal after a mistake in penalty area. 5 minutes later Ali Fasir (Sentey) scored a goal and brought hope for Maldives.

In the second half Maldives come out trying to score an equalizer, and had a few chances to do so. But the match was over when Oman scored the 3rd goal in the 57th minute of the match by Ahmed Mubaarak of Oman . After that Oman played a  controlling game with controlling the possession of the ball and maldives could not create any goal scoring opportunities.

This was the second home match of the qualifying played in Maldives. It was sad to note the lack of supporters in the stadium with many parts of the stadium completely empty when the match was being played last night.

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