Kudahuvadhoo team has been fined for the incidents that happened during the match they played against Milandhoo on 22nd September in Ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League.

FAM disciplinary committee has fined Kudahuvadhoo by MVR 25,000. The decision has been made with reference to match commissioner’s report, referee’s result report with incident report and FAM disciplinary code 2012.

The incidents in the match occurred after Milandhoo scored their second goal of the match in 76th minute of second half. After that Kudahuvadhoo’s coach Mohamed Shiyaz (Mohan) instructed his players to leave the pitch and came off the field. The team later refused to play with the referee and referee had to end the match and decide that Milandhoo has won.

This is the second time a match has been stopped due to disagreement with referee’s decision in this season. FAM has warned clubs not to repeat this again.

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