Today in inter school football tournament, first round of the matches for under 14 age category, group stage round has over and teams has entered into the next round, quarter finals of the Milo Inter school football tournament 2018.

Total sixteen teams have competed in the group stage among four groups to gain the ticket to the next round, quarter finals. But as in tournament, top eight teams from four groups, each group’s winners and runner-ups will be featuring in the quarter finals round.


Hiriya School entered the quarter finals as group A winner with 7 points, scoring 13 goals and conceding 3. Ahmadhiyya International School finds the quarter finals as group A runner-up with 5 points, scoring 11 goals and conceding 3. In group B, Last year’s champion, Majeedhiya School wins the group top spot with maximum 9 points undefeated, netting 21 goals, the team scored most, and conceding just 1 goal, the team conceded least. Majeedhiyya is among the two schools who gained the maximum points without a defeat. In same group, group B, Thaajuddin School secured a spot in the quarter finals as group runner-ups with 6 points, with 18 goals scored while 2 as against. Thaajuddin is the team scored second most, and conceding just 2 goal makes them the team conceded second least.

Imaduddin School secured the group top spot of group C gaining their last three points from the last group stage match with a comeback result. Imaduddin holds 6 points with 7 goals scored and 4 as against. In this group C, last year’s runner-ups of under 14 category, Iskandharu School gaurenteed a quarter final spot as group C runner-ups with 6 points, 7 goals netted and 5 as conceding.

In the last group, group D, Ghiyasuddin International School enters quarter finals as group winners with total with maximum 9 points undefeated, netting 14 goals, and conceding none. Ghiyasuddin is the only team did not concede a single goal in the first round. And also Ghiyasuddin is among the two schools who gained the maximum points without a defeat. In the same group, Kalaafaanu School wins the group D runner-ups spot with 6 points, finding opponent net 7 times while conceding 5.


An eye catching and talent full goals has been scored during the first round as in total 106 goals has being scored among 16 teams during the first round of the inter school football tournament of under 14 age category. And young emerging talents also has been showcased during group stage round.

Quarter final round will kick-off in two days from now, on 15th and 16th of March. There will be two matches played on each day, both in afternoon and in the evening. Tournament matches will be held in Henveiru Ground.

Photo by images partner: Images.Mv / Inshaa Ahmed

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